Mariano Cabrero

I give two turns to the bolt of the door there are so many thieves nowadays!, and I’m looking for silence my silence in my solitude. The day has been really painful: talk with friends who are not so, say hello to people I hardly know, recommend that certain young truancy by nature presented to the State oppositions (which I did by mere commitment, although I did not put much interest in such recommendations, and understand that they will be ineffective), listen to lies that will then be converted into truths. I sometimes feel the footsteps of someone walking near me, and I think illusion loss, are spying on me, who know something or everything of my appointment I had yesterday with Miss (to thus call it), since she is married to husband and shotgun, with shotgun and husband. Not stumbled with souls that I loved men and women, colleagues of mine, because had died. And to think that I could have been the last man/woman on Earth, if leaving early in the morning the city was already dead and thinking that I could have been the last man / woman on Earth, without having the time to write my last poem. Unhappy day the by me last! La Coruna, April 23, 2011 Copyright Mariano Cabrero is writer Google / images making history original author and source of the article.. (Source: Russell Reynolds).