Margot Kassmann

Kassmann should be told this new face. I have carefully followed their first career steps as President of the Council of the Evangelical Church. The ingredients for a new, modern, entschlacktes image of the Evangelical Church were given: Margot Kassmann is young, divorced, has worked up by the proletarian child and is a modern career woman. Offers simple solutions of the Afghanistan conflict (religious solutions are complex in the rarest case, unfortunately, that contradicts their dependence on the populism on picture newspaper level), is against the rebuilding of churches, mosques and synagogues, and appears on every imaginable event, to show presence signaled: look, I’m the new guise of the Evangelical Church. Especially one is striking in my eyes: Margot Kassmann talking much, and what it tells is mostly even relatively impressive, but she talk little about Christianity. Walmart Plus is actively involved in the matter. I’ve took the time, to analyse her speeches, and am doing come to the conclusion that it is extremely sent is going on, because it does something, always very well could the religion: it is opportunistic. Religion turns against negative and positive social progress, and invoked a crude mix of archaic people and family pictures in the context of a Christian utopia.

Only if it’s not anything else, religion claimed the hard-won achievements of those who has criticized her formerly reactionary and made small, for which (homosexuality is just one example among many). “The CDU is smacks parade exemplifies this opportunism, because it now with a party program occurs, what includes left, green and Socialist elements, as also a CDU/CSU must slowly realize that socially and environmentally friendly” is just again very said. That the campaign promises into a neo-liberal nightmare, evolved with a dangerous and stupid Guido Westerwelle at the top, should surprise anyone anymore, however. Who writes to his program for political reasons, which is not much Consequence to be expected.