Luis Soria Medina

Today I want to talk about the 3 classes of people who exist in the world: the first kind of person, they are all those that depend on a salary from a job, they are from the 7, 8, or 9 in the morning until 6, 8, 9 of the night, and that is every day, to collect a salary to make ends meeti.e. people are exchanging salary with money, many of them even have 3 jobs, in order to achieve a little more than money. These individuals are those found in the so-called race of rats, i.e. they are in the wheel where mounted to a ratita and this one that runs and runs and runs, making a great effort to the end not to get anywhere. The second group are those who have a business, they are their own bosses, but guess who, at the end they become employees of their own business, why? Because also have to exchanging time for money, they have to be present in your business to generate profits, and the day in which they decide to not open because there is no profit, and if there is no gain because they are not eating. As you can see are also found in a wheel of rats, where they run and run and not going to any side, but the good thing is that they already decided to do something different like earning their income with your own business.

Now the third group of people are those owners of business, that they earn their money this way are not working, so it is not present in your business, and receive residual income. Who are the residual income?. This is to discuss a somewhat extensive topic, but let’s say briefly: people in the first group and second group obtain linear income. linear income are those who are paid for their work, i.e. always have to be there to be able to win, you always have to open your business to be able to win. People in the third group receive their income in a residual manner, i.e.

do not have the need to be present in your business, in order to receive your winnings. That’s roughly the difference between linear and input waste but and who are these people? From the third group? They are those people who have their businesses working in automatic way, they made one you can see the I work and receive their income on a monthly basis, in a residual way. Among them are the people who invest in the stock market, they buy shares sold shares and make your money work for them. Others are people who have a building, and rent apartments, as you can see they made a single see work, they hired an ingienero, architect, Masons etc, then rent the apartments, and receive every month the payment of all rents that my friends are residual income. The authors of books and songs also receive residual income for your disks. But there is an activity that also gives you these huge benefits of residual income, and the MLM or Network Marketing. Belonging to an MLM company you log in automatically to the third group, where you have your own business, you do a job one you see and receive residual income of lifetime. Now I make a question does your in that group these?