Load Regulation

Small bikes are characterized by low cost and designed for user weight of 80 to 100 kg. Large a higher price and are designed for user weight of 120 to 140 kg. They are ideal for people who are obese. In any case, before buying the bike you should consult with the sellers. More attention should be paid to the system drive from the pedals to the flywheel, it is belt, chain, combined with the intermediate shaft. Following an important criterion perform the pulse sensor.

Pulse sensor used in all current models. There is several types of sensors for measuring heart rate. 1. Clips. Is a clip for the ear. The principle is quite simple robots, the led shines through the earlobe, and a photodiode captures the changing light, woven with the pulsation of blood. Boyden is a great source of information. This kind of pulse measurement is imprecise, because of the gradual change of the pulse is taken arithmetic average, and who will like to be connected by wires to the trainer. 2.

Wireless sensors. They are attached to your body and transmit signals to the computer. 3. Sensors embedded in the handle the bike. The most accurate and convenient way to determine your heart rate. You only need to hold on to the steering wheel. The most important criterion in choosing the bike stands computer. Computer. It is very important and valuable part bike. Size varies a computer of several square centimeters to the size of a small tv. He was its main features: 1. measurement pulse 2. measuring calories burned 3. display of training time 4. display the current speed of 5. Load Regulation 6. opportunity to expose the training 7. opportunity to complete the exercise by burning a certain amount of calories. 8. Fitness Assessment – determines the degree of recovery of the body. Lastly. Do not drop a class, when the dust will be buying. Engage in daily exercise will become a habit. Do not let yourself to relax.