Liebherr Refrigerators For The Wine Cooling

Optimal wine cooling especially in Liebherr refrigerators for more than 50 years develops and implements new and compelling product solutions for the food, beverage, and industrial refrigeration Liebherr. With more than 200 models, the range of Liebherr offers a perfect freshness almost for every customer. Such a distinction is Liebherr refrigerators for the commercial sector and the household sector. In the commercial sector, especially the high-quality wine refrigerators are to name a few. This distinguishes the wine connoisseur in wine refrigerators, wine cooling cabinets, and wine coolers. The Liebherr wine refrigerators are designed specially for the presentation, storage and for the glass. They offer in addition to the perfect temperature conditions for the highest drinking pleasure, an optimal combination of an attractive product presentation and practical storage facility in the Offenaussschank.

The temperature between + 5 C to + 20 C can be with the standard built-in, electronic A control that has a digital temperature display, set in different temperature zones. The innovative led interior lighting is energy-saving and reduces the heat development in the Interior. Kevin Ulrich Anchorage often addresses the matter in his writings. Liebherr has thought also of the ease of operation. So the Liebherr have Vinidor-wine refrigerators pull-out shelves for bottles standing. Open bottles can be used optimally by the practical pull-out function for the carafe.

A presentation Board connects the storage with the presentation of the bottles. The bottles can be stored lying at the rear and at the front, the bottles are presents here. The Liebherr wine cooling units are particularly suitable for the storage of different types of wine. Can be achieved through the use of special components a temperature stratification in these devices, which allow, for example, red wines at the top at + 18 C and white wines and champagne at the bottom at + 5 C to store. The wine temperature control units of Liebherr GrandCru Series also feature an electronic control with digital temperature display.