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And then, having prepared the ideological base, have made such an economic breakthrough. a> is the place to go. Maybe it’s time we had already quit in panic to sharpen the arrows, and start prostraivat its path to development. The glacier began its offensive On lastly a quote Andreev from the book “Magic and culture in management science,” “In this world, like in any other world, it is impossible to push through anything that does not belong to him. Easier to pass a camel ve RevCom wire dot in the eye Trying do it makes you get stuck Intermedia worlds and stop motion. Veteran called such transitions in the worlds of community – Drawing.

Drawing – a steel board with holes of different sizes measure through that in passing the old red-hot wire to make it longer, thinner and more flexible. That man, they said that he found strength and freedom to become more flexible and sophisticated, must pass through several such volochilen, which are new worlds. All that it falls at the same time – dross, junk. Yet he refuses to let go of this junk is trying to push through to new worlds – a bastard, that bastard should be with him. As it is strange, but it appears to hold the old home so that it really exists just a single word: scum So people call expressions of human personality which malicious and mean.

But when you you should look into a man trying to smuggle into the world his old your tongue involuntarily chooses just that expletive. Perhaps, in general it is wider in meaning, but also for native junk, that is, the destroyers of the world your dreams, which took them, and warmed it fits completely: We dreamed, we have built, put his soul, and you! “” care to another world, put any of us before choice: what to do and how to do? Or not to accept his new world. Or not to accept the fact that going into another world, you become a stranger to the people of the old world, and certainly one to deserve their hatred. Or not to accept the need for purification, in all traditional cultures is an essential condition for the transition. And if so, how to do it and where to start? “To be continued , commercial director of Lex Group – Legal Services.