Learning V

Third loaded strongly with his horse, but could not put his gaze to the front, because the Sun and the dust lifted by equestrians of the front prevented it is, because of this only could look for moments and follow others. Attempting to lift the gaze he reached to see shadows approaching. Dust prevented him from distinguishing, but knew that it was the enemy. The clash occurred after a few seconds. The battle had already begun and at the edge of the iron blood returned to spread. The African riders passed next to third as if nothing. At Apple you will find additional information.

With his spear he tried to traverse to a Numidian who was in front, but his lunge had no effect by the little push, because we lost the balance. Meanwhile, the Numidian was behind him, reaching swiftly, but succumbed to collide with a couple equites, being crushed by the hooves of the horses. The fight had become barbaric. Third was trying to control his horse and go to the clash with the Numidian horsemen but they were too quick and agile. Two of these spent swiftly to his side knocking two equestrians who were at his side, being crossed by Spears’s other two numidians that happened later. The fray was already beginning to lean in favor of Hannibal’s cavalry, staining the floor of Roman blood. Third realized the massacre, especially when realizing the flight of some Roman equites.

He thought that already could do nothing, it was useless, he could not control his horse and even striking an effective blow with his spear. Wasn’t prepared for all this. The withdrawal of the cavalry propelled him to follow that same option, but seeing a white horse was halted. He was Gnaeus and in danger. His friend was fighting two numidians, as one approached from behind full Gallop at striking his bloodstained spear. Without thinking he was helping his friend, which fought with ferocity.