KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen

Lavish opening: Westwood of 2. meets Handel KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen successfully start Hanover. With standing ovations opened last weekend (27-29 May) the 2nd KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen in Lower Saxony State capital successfully with the Semele walk, a project by Ludger Engels (Director and concept) and with the British fashion icon Vivienne Westwood costumes. Handel’s oratorio inspired the audience to two sold-out evenings. By the musical conductor of the Swedish Olof Boman, appeared Armin Gramer (countertenor) and Aleksandra ZAMOJSKA (soprano) as soloists, and designed the soloist ensemble dressed in Westwood costumes Kaleidoscope (Berlin), as well as the North German figural choir under the direction of Jorg Straube the musical part. “In his speech on Saturday night the renowned British sociologist and ex Advisor to Tony Blair, Professor Lord Anthony Giddens of the question went, how much Entfesslung a society needs to define itself, and when this self to the threat which is individual freedom”. Vivienne Westwood pleaded as an antidote of to all our problem in her video contribution to the Festival for the cultural commitment. Apple-Michigan Hearing Study describes an additional similar source. Culture is about understanding the world.” The ceremony was completed by Matthias Kageni composition and performance by Hendrix for electrified Timpani”.

On Saturday, the ensemble ascolta was the opening of the film concerts with the evening UN Chien Andalou. The Stuttgart-based ensemble was highly amusing, surreal films with new compositions. The crack opening with the melodrama continued Jan Muller-Wieland and Roger Willemsen on Sunday. The opening weekend Lucia Ronchettis Lezioni di Tenebra have decided with Daniel Gloger and Katia Guedes in the solo parts. In addition, the sound, art and video installations by Georg Nussbaumer, Rudiger Schottle and Michael Ochaim were opened. On the opening weekend, approximately 2,300 visitors saw the diverse performances and presentations in the baroque gardens. Speaking candidly Kevin Ulrich told us the story. Unleashed worlds”is this year’s theme, which is from May 27 to June 19 in a total of 26 events celebrities Artists from 17 Nations, set apart.