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Life coaching: Angela Jaffe opened new fine material practice Hannover Hannover, the 27.10.2010. Many people know it: some days you feel desperate, sad or scary seemingly for no apparent reason. Others suffer years separating their partner, although they do everything to forget him. The fine fabric consultant Angela Jaffe understands the concerns and the grief of their customers, because often not deep within the soul the pain but come from the outside. Everyone and every living creature has its own fine fabric body.

They surrounded us like our skin and can cause pain. The fine fabric body into disorder, because paying attention to deal with them, and the whole inner life can be disturbed”, know Angela Jaffe. These levels are allocated and are they included in the daily life, seen vitality, energy and a development of one’s personality. 2002 she met that the doctrine of the subtle and began to leave five years later to educate themselves in this discipline to the expert. Now, the fine fabric consultant treats Hanover subtle pain their customers in their practice within the heart. The subtle is everywhere there is a young Science: Ronald Gothert studied since the 90th years the interrelationships of the fine fabric body and their different frequencies of vibration on our well-being.

He developed the Gothertsche method, to convey how subtle order is created and can be obtained. Gaby defined as subtle effects perceiving the atmosphere indoors and outdoors, the well-being or malaise, whether alone or in the company of others, or the appearance of people. Feelings of the daily struggle of life such as hatred, envy and jealousy or existential fears too have their origin in the subtle after Gaby. Order the fine fabric body by qualified consultants fine fabric consultant fine fabric teacher, according to the Gothertschen method, and trained explore sensitive calls and targeted perceiving blockades and disturbances of fine cloth body. While they divide the human body in different levels. After a session, the client feels balanced and strengthened for the daily tasks. Fine fabric practice at the Kropcke In October 2010, Angela Jaffe opened the fine fabric practice at the Kropcke in Central of Hanover. 2007 trained violinist and member of the Staatsoper Hannover as a fine fabric consultant trained himself. It supports their customers since to detect subtle pain sensations and alleviate method by using the Gothertschen. Angela Jaffe is by appointment available for counselling sessions. Furthermore, Angela Jaffe offers a series of courses where you can learn the basics of life with the subtle. The next basic course will begin in December. For more information, press contact: fine fabric practice at the Kropcke Angela Jaffe Abdulhameed road 2 D-30159 Hannover Tel.: + 49 (0) 511 897 007 25 mobile: + 49 (0) 178 322 97 52 E-Mail: