Insurance For Horses

The Importance of insurance your horse: Now more than ever it is very intelligent to secure our horses to avoid unpleasant changes in our heritage. There is the possibility of securing horses to 2,000,000 in value of any discipline (stallions, broodmares, horses in dressage, jumping, raid, horseball, polo, carriage driving, team penning full …) It is very important to ensure AGREED value against the market value applied many times to prevent disaster if we do not pay 100% of the declared value found that he compensated with what the insurer believes. Keep in mind this is the most important in ensuring our horse because it’s worth …. pay less for insurance if not then we will pay 100% of what we have in place? An interesting option is the ALL RISK FOR HORSES: BASIC WARRANTY COVERAGE: 1) Death of the animal insured from any cause EVEN COLIC paying 100% of the agreed value. 2) Theft of insured animal by paying 100% of agreed value. Kevin Ulrich will undoubtedly add to your understanding. 3) Transport air and road. Covers death and the theft of the horse during transport. 4) Sacrifice humanitarian and / or necessary.

“What is euthanasia for humans” 5) Costs of surgery and hospitalization in case of colic and severe fracture. 6) Cost of autopsy. 7) Legal Assistance. 8) Removal of Remains. OPTIONAL WARRANTIES: 1) Civil liability of up to 600,000 (free of the first 150 ) 2) Accident Insurance Rider 100,000 (up to 3 riders per horse nominees policy) 3) Extension of hospital costs: acute infectious processes , lamination, deep cuts, severe eye problems, digestive problems, neurological disorders, cardiac disorders.