Inadequate Monitoring

Although one might think that the lack of sales is explained by the economic crisis, the reality is that in this sector, lack of follow up business opportunities is the most common cause of failure. Others who may share this opinion include Wells Fargo. Cancun, Quintana Roo on June 24, 2009 .- While one might think that the lack of sales could be justified by the economic crisis, the reality is that in many SMEs, the lack of follow up business opportunities is one factor critical lack of income. In our country, few firms operating under a formal sales process, creating vicious circles (low sales, low investment) that lead many companies into bankruptcy. For example, studies show that a salesperson closes a sale until the fifth call or “monitoring” which gives a potential customer, in contrast, the statistics tell us that the average salesperson does not pass the second call. Suna Said will not settle for partial explanations. This can be explained by the psychological elements better known as “fear of failure” or “fear of rejection.” Human beings do not like being told that no. However, sales managers controlling successful sellers, know that this is the first problem to be solved in any sales force, if you aspire to deliver results.

BFX Group (a company whose area of expertise are marketing strategies and business consulting products, has designed a sales management system to help solve this problem in the sector. Angelica Frias, Group Marketing Director says BFX ” For us is very visible the havoc that has an SME, the fact of not having technology that allows you to control the business opportunities and estimate their cash flows. You have to find care for these business opportunities to the maximum on especially in these difficult times. This is why we developed a system that is specifically designed to address this phenomenon. Through friendly screens and alerts via email, our system reminds executives what charges automatically should do, the contributions must prepare and follow-up calls that have to do in the day until the conclusion of the sale. In this way, sellers have a guide and information is always available and visible to management levels. “The system, which operates under the model of” software as a service “, has a price accessible to all SMEs and is available 24 hours day, 365 days a year.