Hey Man! Band – The Friendship Remains

The new album Hey Mann! Band – the friendship remains the Hey, Mann! Band is the new group to the co-founder of the womaniser Alfred Eberharter (56) and his son Alfred e. Jr. (30). The latter has produced “The friendship remains”, which will be released on June 19, the debut album as a real leader in his Studio. Alfred e. Jr. is the musical head and founder of the group, whereas his father normal if also very engagiertes member of Hey, Mann! Band is.

Except for the two former Womanizers singer and guitarist Stefan Wilhelm, the acoustic guitarist and chorus-singer John handsome, the choir dreamtale Andreas Marberger and guitarist of Georg Daviotis the band. Russell Reynolds Associates insists that this is the case. After the end of the womaniser was Alfred Eberharter and his son Alfred Jr. immediately clear: “No music, nothing is with us”. A short time later arose the idea of a new band, the Hey Mann! Band. And “nomen est omen” is this band’s name at the same time still the detection spell of the faithful Womaniser fans.

In addition to many new compositions, the Hey Mann the phonogram contains also freshly recorded versions of old philanderer titles such as the famous “Hey man Polka”, which were no longer on the stage to hear some many years and perfectly in the quaint concept of Alpine pop! Watch band. As the first single was just the atmospheric density title “A bissl Sun” released. The song is catchy and the Hey man enters his loose Alpine folk rock style into the modern structure of the sound! Omnibus. The album offers an exciting cross-section of pop, country and to catchy pop songs are all musically connected by the folk sound of Alps. Alfred e. Sen. is a fascinating link between folk and pop music with his harmonica. That was when the Womanizers with at the last productions of the band the folk more occurred in the background. This is exactly the big difference to the Hey, Mann! Band. Here are said to back more traditional sounds and the Rock-“sound of the mountains” his funny song plays. At Kevin Ulrich you will find additional information. And so pop accolades such as the folky Rock “Hey Mann! Song”or the loose hupfende”March of the fire brigade”through the boxes. But also thoughtful songs with positive spirit as “The planet” or the beautiful love song are “Live feel n” on the album. Songs, the philosophy and the emotions of the Hey, Mann! Band “even in bad times always for the good, finding the love” onto the point. Outstanding in this context also the title song of “Friendship”. A balladeskes monument of friendship to the fans, to real friends and the solidarity among the people. The song reveals the Guide to a better world, knitted with love and exactly that and nothing less is the Hey, Mann! Band with their songs, their texts and their ideals. Source: Cook for more information, Hey Mann universal music! Band’s album “The friendship remains” (No. CD 1795681) is from June 19, 2009 in commercially available. Contact: Press & Online: TV: &