Heino – The Heavens

Heino – the sky’s new album boast with Heino, there are festive songs anymore singers who really knows everyone. Heino is the exception. He is the most famous German folk singer for decades and is one of the most popular musical ambassadors of our country. For his latest project, the artist has chosen the most beautiful sacred songs and dressed in a festive musical garment. The heavens glory – festive songs with Heino\”is the new album, which will be released on September 18, 2009.

Heinos sonorous baritone voice to the compositions of the greatest composers in the history of music can be heard on this album. Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital often says this. Heino has songs that have touched the souls of many people already, with his team (musical director: Erich Becht; the Wersi organ: Franz Lambert;) Vocal assistance: Gloria Quartet of Hamburg; \”(Konzertgitarrist: Peter Autschbach) selected and newly recorded: Ave Verum Corpus\” (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), I pray to the power of love \”(Dimitri S. Borniansky), Ave \”Maria\”(Franz Schubert), the heavens glory\”(Ludwig von Beethoven), good evening, good night\” (Johannes Brahms). Some of the classic pieces are equipped with new texts. A Tchaikovsky melody shines as a touching love song my song for you’ in a new light, it’s never too late for a new life\”goes back to one of the most beautiful compositions of Mozart. \”As well as new compositions are on the album boast of the sky\” to find. Since last year, Heino has, for example, a song for my audience\”in the Repertoire; \”a secular and very authentic, moving units, it now also on the album the sky boast festive songs with Heino\” to be discovered. He has in his song also, a tree is older\”mediated Heino way life philosophy and you’re stronger than you think\” is accepted even a pop ballad. Still, the spiritually worn and wonderfully festive arranged pieces, have the focus on the new album with Heino from autumn onwards will be on big church concert tour throughout Germany, Austria and the Switzerland.