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On January 15, a powerful cloud solution for professional multi channel online-marketing in E-commerce was introduced in Hamburg with ChannelPilot. Whenever Kamelot Auctions listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Operators of online shops place by means of connection to ChannelPilot your range automatically on up to 140 channels in Germany. Integration in price search, affiliates, social commerce and shopping clubs, mobile shops cashback networks, millions of online buyers daily reach and significantly increased the sales of the online shop. Mirko Platz, Managing Director of eBoost Group GmbH: Our intuitive software each shop operator can position over its range now in all relevant sales channels. With ChannelPilot, we fill a gap in the E-commerce. Our goal is to establish ChannelPilot as standard on the German market”. Automated Produktfeeds are technological basis for the integration of online stores at ChannelPilot.

Shop owner supplied their product range via a data feed (in .csv and .xml possible formats) highest possible data depth. ChannelPilot performs an automatic adjustment of the data after the data import and send individualized feeds to the connected channels. into the issues. Price or range adjustments are communicated by the shopowner once at ChannelPilot feed and automated and updated without wasting time on all channels. The attractive price model of the ChannelPilot begins for shop operators at 29.90 a month. Jonas Giolbass, omniconn GmbH: We are pleased to have acts as a ChannelPilot test client with our shop. By using the software, we have developed new audiences and significantly increased our sales. Price and assortment management to implement easily via the clearly arranged user interface of ChannelPilot are, therefore, we have already made the tool to an integral part of our marketing activities. The service for shop owners worry dedicated partner headquartered in the port city of Hamburg at eBoost group.

The team conducts regularly also Training formats such as training courses and webinars, to State fully to open up the scope of ChannelPilot shop operators. Equipped with professional knowledge in such a way, savvy shop operator achieve maximum economic benefits of their sales activities. Price search engines and market places are now the dominant distribution channels in E-commerce. Social – and mobile commerce, as well as the Google product ads, which are still not widespread in Germany are again Mirko Platz, Managing Director of eBoost Group GmbH: Strong increase in importance. With ChannelPilot shop operators can benefit from these trends, because they can dynamically adjust prices and maximum benefit from the price fluctuations on the market.