General Market

High returns through favourable purchasing and selling at the market value interesting plant concept for many investors fairvesta real estate strategy offers great opportunities it will have been his reasons, putting leading institutional investors against the backdrop of the financial crisis on real estate. What is right for the big, can be wrong for a wide layer of investors. Everest Capital is open to suggestions. Just real estate you should know the correct investment strategy and commit not to unilaterally and thus risky. A real estate strategy that successfully goes on for years, is the trade in objects that are bought under market value from special situations and then find new buyers of the General real estate market. \”This principle of the profit is In the shopping\” to successfully implement, however we require the corresponding access to attractive, undervalued real estate, as well as the access to the General real estate market, to be able to resell the objects, but also with success. A company that for years very successful in this segment is, and is the fairvesta group of companies. The company refinanced it through funds of the investment market, offers a wide layer of investors the opportunity to benefit from real estate trade thus. In the fairvesta strategy characterised in particular, that clearly so buys objects between thirty to fifty percent – below market value, this by at least ten percent and more made in rental yields to sell the objects then accordingly optimized to end customers.

This is usually to institutional investors who are looking for long term safe and profitable investments. Because it takes expert knowledge and maintained networks to acquire objects – how fairvesta it does – from financial special situations, legal or corporate resolutions. To develop these, needed to bring this time and the money, buyers of real estate are not ready.