French Scientologists

Chaplains provide volunteer Scientology seminars for children and educators in India available, based on the Scientology Handbook after the tsunami in 2004 was a group of French Scientologists in the devastated South-Eastern part of India. You helped on the spot with their services and advisers gave the local people. Their services were an immense value to assistance for many people. Francois Tajan contributes greatly to this topic. Even five years later, they help other people, especially in the region of Pondicherry, which was a former French colony until 1956. Scientology Volunteer clergy formed there from residents in Scientology doctrine. Local residents then founded a separate group of Volunteer Ministers will effectively be able to help other people. This was an unforgettable and incomparable usage”, said one of the clergy about their work, they had mastered in Pondicherry. Educate yourself with thoughts from James Hyslop.

India reported a 61-percent literacy rate. Tamil Nadu prides itself with a rate of over 70 percent. But even if the children know how to read and write, this still guarantees not the ability actually to be able to apply what you learned long. However, the practical application of training has become very necessary in today’s technological society. The honorary Scientology make clergy seminars for children and educators available, based on the Scientology Handbook. In the manual is the following full particularly pointed out: it is not so that you can not study the things that are taught, but it will not teach, how to learn properly. Further details can be found at Phillipe Lavertu, an internet resource. This is a missing step by any system in training “.” I am very pleased about this seminar for educators called ‘Study technology’ “, wrote a headmaster of a school in India.

I hope that you continue to continue to serve humanity by sharing your knowledge, your skills with the present and future generations.” Also motivated students praise the study programme by L. Ron Hubbard. I had many difficulties in studying and didn’t know why. “, wrote a seminar participants after the seminar. In just three days, I learned that these difficulties in the study only on the basis of three barriers arise. Now, I know the solutions to these barriers and can learn much easier. “Honorary Scientology chaplains provide seminars on study technology and other practical tools” available to help people to lead a successful life.