Frankfurt Stock Exchange

/ All the great Spanish values recorded gains at the start of the day for shortly after, suffering a major collapse. The DAX 30 index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange plummeted Tuesday more than 7% after an hour and a half of negotiation. Despite these data, the risk premium continues to drop. The ECB bought 1.5 billion euros in Spanish debt. The main indicator of the Spanish stock market, the IBEX 35, gave back more than one hour after the opening of the session and fell more than 3% by mass sales of investors, who were left to overcome by fear of a new recession in the United States and its contagion to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the risk premium on Spanish (the additional cost that investors demand to purchase Spanish titles instead of Germans, regarded as the safest in Europe) down 270 basis points, more calm than last week thanks to the purchase of 1.5 billion of sovereign debt by the ECB. a>. Crash in Europe in Europe, Milan rose 1.52% and Paris the 0.29%, while London was losing 0.77%.

For its part, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange opened on Tuesday at the low and its selective index DAX 30 ceded to the 09.02 0.41 per cent, to 5.898,81 points and plummeted more than 7 percent after an hour and a half of negotiation. The rest of European seats also fell, by eighth day consecutive, albeit much less than Frankfurt. The FTSE in London fell more than 4%, (loses the psychological dimension of 5,000 points and with this descent marking its lowest level since July 2008) the CAC 40 in Paris was down 2.4 per cent, and the IBEX 35 in Madrid did a 2.6%. Index Euro Stoxx 50, the largest companies in the euro zone, fell nearly 3.4 percent. European stock markets have the longest downward streak since 2003.