Formula Magic

Many come to my query and ask me if I know any formula magic that helps them to maintain an ideal weight! I answered them I don’t have a formula magic, but I have 2300 tips that if at least a few, surely conseguireis apply a remarkable difference, so I decided to give her some. Before that nothing I think that people must be informed and learn to know your beautiful and fabulous body, which is not a machine to process food and diseases: includes any information in the book: the law of abundance: that part is called the health and the law of abundance and finds her in page 44 I think; From alli’s we were resolving emotional problems, little by little, with patience and self-discipline, after three months of dealing emotionally, then if we are talking about the tips to eat well, enjoy favorite foods, and organize a new style of eating, the beliefs of these people, their psoibilidades worked and honestly will leave you know how long we were approximately, talking, not can lie you to the people, or promise you magic with something so terribly physicist as his own body, is not with herbs and candles that this difference is achieved, is with discipline and perseverance when people really want something, must be why, cannot stay seated waiting for that shift Witch (myself), make them the miracle, magic exists but you need to go for it.the results that we got, (on computer), they were very cute, these people now have lifestyle more agile, already you can download all you want, are problems, and they are in the process of doing so, alone, is helping them find the path towards a lifestyle more healthy, mentally, and emcionalmente, and therefore affecting the physical favorably. Robert Kiyosaki is full of insight into the issues. TIPS: resolve their impasses mental, and emotional (need help for that), choose someone who knows what to do and how to give support. (counselor spiritual-analista-profesional holistic, homeopathic, naturopathic,) are blindfolded whenever possible, single comma.(connect with yourself) .when covers the eyes and eats without distraction, tasting, enjoying texture, smells and other, the body will send a message of fullness, much before that you finish the dish, and you may perceive it, and be dentendra and react to satisfaction. When you remove the bandage you will notice that there is excess on your plate, thats an excellent signal, if you do not want it throw you save the leftovers for later, not clean dish eating everything it servido.coma what you know le hara, either responsible with yourself, that body is a gift, it is his vehicle, atiendalo, it, quierase.Exercise band also will help you to improve your spiritual condition, and little by little vera changes that were not expected.-get small containers which must be fruits chopped, vegetables, such as carrots, tomatoes, diced, celery, yogurt, descremedos, garnolas, peanuts, chopped integral cookies, chips, cucumber, tuna, cooked Turkey, use these containers as their alternatives between heavy meals, or when you have a rhythm of life busy, if not have time to Cook, take a lunch box with some of these snacks, so when have hunger on the street do not eat fried foods, and food scrap, never ulvide the Lunchbox salvadora, add water, bottles of water everywhere, in your car, at home, in your Office, the idea is not to kill hunger is to eat as adecduado, in small quantities, not import many times eat, what is important is which are small quantities, and which are things you know will do well in your metabolism.