Executive Board Management

Free eBook as management summary – by Anne M. Schuller who wants to know, what customers really need, what makes them tick, what they really like and how you can bring them to the shopping-, which often go out and talk to them! You can learn a lot by customers. Kundenfokussiert instead of process fixed the scarcest resource in the enterprise is not the capital, but the executives, which kundenfokussiert think and act. So vehemently requested customer orientation can not occur however standardized processes, thick manuals and operating instructions. And also not expensive CRM software. Rather voluntarily, it is held in the hearts and minds of the people. Their wool can unfold only in game rooms and not just enforce through pre-programmed systems.

Fixed standards while securing the service level down, leave but little freedom of movement, to act out of turn and the standard, customer-friendly. So everything in the forced corset of mediocrity froze. Only: No one wants mediocrity buy more. It is so important to create spaces of possibility. To do this, we need a customer-oriented management and a new style of leadership are: the customer-focused leadership. To all divisions must network without exception substantially stronger together, to align the whole company and each individual employee to the customer across the Department. That sounds trite, but it is not. Far too often the customer explains still how things have to go, who is responsible for them, that one has to do this and to allow that.

And so they flee in a panic. The joy of change is so great as never and in most cases homemade. What today’s customer-focused means customer focus to concentrate all of the company’s resources, what is most important for its survival: the customers. This means to change perspective, to think from outside inwards, so the customers here. Everything is seen from the perspective of the customer. Because if the companies want to or not: today, the customer has the say. He turns from the passive target to the highly networked, highly informed, critical, emancipated, active market makers and Kaufverhaltensbeeinflusser. It is so, to break away from the self centering and the stage to clear by the ego of the Manager. The problems, hopes, desires, wishes, and dreams of our customers are in the spotlight. What the customer wants is made! With the precision of a laser beam will be sought and found, what arouses the customer stay joy, always again – desire to buy and willingness to recommendation. Real customer proximity and a uncompromising customer-focused attitude of management are fundamental requirements for all this. These five aspects can be among many others – in the company (redesign): A CCO (Chief Customer Officer) is a member of the Executive Board. The customer taking hold in the organization chart. The leadership team goes (again) to visit customers. The customer gets the best seat in the meeting: TOP 1 on the agenda.