European Participation

By means of the displayed one, the formal landmark of this process was the Federal Constitution of 1988, that it consecrated the beginning of the participation of the civil society. Thus, it must be understood that in the context, mediated for the confrontation and the antagonism of relation between the State and the civil society in the decades previously cited, this yielded place the possibility of a joint action for the democratic deepening in the country. This because, the beginning of participation of the society if it became central office in the creations of public spaces together shared with the power of the State and of these implanted spaces we have: The Managing Advice of Public Politics and Participativos Budgets, the ones that more if they configure of effective popular participation. 3 DEMOCRATIC MANAGEMENT Management is a word of European origin that in our Portuguese means to manage or to manage, that it is to guide people with an end I specify to reach common objectives to all in the search of the perfection enters the structure associated with the resources and the people. The democratic management if presents as an instrument that demands definition of some concepts, as for example: Autonomy, democratization, decentralization, participation, etc., that of form sucinta if constitute as ample arcabouo of actions articulated to the logic of the management, that is, are principles norteadores about the taking of decisions in all the scopes of the civil society and the public administration. Then, to if understanding that the democratic management does not consist an end in same itself, but in an important instrument of overcoming, this in turn, it has the paper to contribute for the reach of a society consolidated under them pillars of social justice, of equality and the democracy. Of this form, the democratic management must present the society while a culture based on the democratic form of being. .