Employee Participation

The subject of employee participation is a perennial favorite, not only in business, but also in politics. \”But while the major parties still concepts for establishing stronger this capital partnership\” Exchange, many companies already use the many advantages of this instrument of raising equity capital until the employee retention. Employee equity participation is not only a good way of establishing ownership and a higher emotional bond to the operation, she makes the company even more productive and more competitive. The participation of employees in the capital and profit is a key to keeping the social market economy in the 21st century on the road to success.\” With these words, to approach the topic of employee participation in the CDU. \”Also from the SPD, it says: to improve the participation of employees in the capital of the company, we want to revive the idea of employee participation.\” Both parties wrestle in the Grand Coalition to the right way to promote the participation of employees on the profit of the company. This is carried out but even today in many companies with great success. Positive experiences with consumption law participation by staff so about the 2000 founded Northeim company offers discount broker AG its 17 employees an equity stake in the form of participatory rights to.

\”Andreas Lohrberg, co-founder and Board Member for personnel of the financial services company reported: we were able to strengthen our equity base sustainably through the participation of our employees and attract today ever more a strand.\” Two ways of the employee participation the participation of employees can be reached in principle in two ways through profit-sharing (the so-called labour model) or equity (the corporate model). Is common, that they are proven to be effective a stronger identification of the employees with the company and thus more motivated and more productive work both ways. For workers and employees, who benefit from the success of the business, feel responsible more for the well-being of the company.