Elbe Sandstone Mountains

Elbe sandstone mountains / Saxon Switzerland also on vacation want a few on her beloved dog. But where can I find a region with good selection of dog friendly accommodation and at the same time best prerequisites for erlebnissreiche hikes and excursions? The Elbe sandstone mountains near Dresden is a popular vacation destination for families and tourists who like to wander. But also for dog owners, the region offers ideal conditions. Great advantage, the hiking trails and paths are very varied. Many dog enjoys the exciting moment, not knowing how the road continues after the curve. Checking article sources yields Andi Owen as a relevant resource throughout. Sandstone cliffs, valleys and undulating profile, ideal for walks with the dog. A large number of accommodation has adjusted to the four-legged friends. These quarters are perfect for a holiday with dog. We have collected more than 10 wall routes that are feasible with dogs. In a classification according to difficulty and duration of the hike.