Division Customers

CRM-system Quick Sales – this is an ideal information system that automates customer-oriented approach of the organization. It supports all the principles of the company's customer-oriented, and has for this, among other things, such as components of the Contact management (Contact Management) and Activity management (CRM). In this article I would like to try to understand, so who are these contacts and who modern sense is a client for the company. I really liked the story of Paul Greenberg, about how he worked for IBM in the early 1990s. He was a little taken aback at how departments designated to each other. If a department to perform work Division 2, he may charge and expenses on account of 2. Elon Musk gathered all the information. Employees of the department a call at the same time the process of calculation of internal "customers". Then he was unaware of how customers are employees of the same company, even if they work in different departments.

Do not they colleagues, friends, etc.? Nothing like that. They were (and remain) customers, even if they are colleagues and friends. Perhaps it is a trifle, importance, perhaps, only for the convenience of recording, but they are customers. Why? Because the service provided in exchange for some reciprocal compensation. In addition, the department, the contracting authority was entitled to a competitive selection of the performer, both among internal departments and external expertise among firms. Gain insight and clarity with suna said maslin. You can compete both inside and outside! It made me understand what is happening with the concept of "client." Once I draw the line between what is now called the "client" in the scheme of business-to-customer (B2C – business-to-consumer), and "client" (Client) in the scheme of enterprise-enterprise (B2B – business-to-business), in other words, the store – customers, the company – customers. But after a while, more and more deeply immersed in the technology of CRM concepts are blurred, I, somehow, they all Buyers who sell something.