Demel Entry

How to successfully avoid accidents in the bathroom about an hour we spend every day in the bathroom. Little measured the duration of one day. And yet sufficient to cause bruises, wounds, broken bones or worse. Many small things can be a downfall. Some Seifenrest on the bathtub floor, tripping over permitted lying towels, losing your balance due to high temperatures in the shower or maybe slipping on wet tiles? Not to mention electric traps. However, only a few handles are often necessary, the four walls dared to make something safer. Before that, to mount something on the wall, just apartment tenants because the necessary holes in tiles deterred by often.

Here, for example, handles are equipped – nowadays often with a so called vacuum lock allowing it to attach these on the wall without tools. The Roth company offers with the MOBELI handle even a security system, which warns if the handle begins to loosen. Tipping over in the shower can be Shower stools avoid – which either folding wall can be mounted or used as a stool. Mats reassure mainly non-slip in the bathtub. Also bathlift and seats are suitable for people with reduced mobility.

These facilitate the entry and exit out of the tub and protect against the loss of balance. By the way, it is important to note that entry or aid necessarily have rubber legs, because they can easily slip under a. Smaller people can also prevent a fall into the water with a Badewannenverkurzer. Booster seats and mounts can be a great help especially for seniors at the toilet, because they avoid a too deep-stooping the laborious translation related and standing up. By the way, it is always advisable, not free”alternative methods to access back. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Kevin Ulrich. A traditional Chair, for example, not suitable as a climbing aid. Because no matter how low is the height. In the worst case, you are only another of (according to the counselling centre for accident prevention) 1500 fatal crashes in the budget. Birgit Demel