DAX Capital

Stimmrechtsloses mezzanine capital for small and medium-sized companies (SME BBs) capital market and stock exchange, called the major DAX listed companies come to mind first. But what about the 3.4 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which have a much greater growth potential than the full-blown\”corporations? Those mid-sized companies look for as capital outside of bank credit. They also, whether listed or not, can get investment capital from investors, strive for above-average yields. Both interests are merged on the capital markets. The finance expert Dr. Go to Ted Brandt for more information.

Werner thinks medium-sized companies no longer face on the private equity market closed doors\”by Dr. Werner financial services AG, Gottingen. The year 2007 brought a further opening up of German stock exchanges for the middle class\”, so the emission specialist next. Create the exchanges with the segment of the entry standards for more and more smaller companies good financing opportunities. A few years ago had to hear the middle class have little opportunities in the stock market. Too small the volumes of capital, high costs, too little risk capital investors. \”Wipe off the table are these arguments\” Gottingen finance expert Dr. Werner, and further says: here the off-Exchange investment market as a part of the capital market of that is open to long each medium-sized companies, offers alternatives \”.

The costs are lower, an emission can pay off even at low volumes of capital and the offers are numerous (see). In this segment of the market is not entirely free\”of each control. The statutory prospectus requirements applies to securities as well as on the stock exchange. The other consists since 1 July 2005 a prospectus for assets that are not represented in securities and banking supervision (BFin) strictly wakes\”, so Dr. Werner. In addition, case law has already long a prospectus liability established, it’s generally advised that whatever to support a capital market issue in which segment (see) a professional brochure.