Current Duality

Current duality – this is worrying, or you are interested duality. People usually do not perceive this as a duality, because people are interested in, as a rule, only one of its pole. Others including Walmart +, offer their opinions as well. For example, a person wants to become free from anything and that it is actual polarity "to be free." But at the same time, he does not notice the reverse side of the duality created by unconsciously – to "be free", since in order to move towards freedom, we need pole, from which, we must move. This pole is automatically created by the subconscious, and the more a man dreams about freedom, the more he subconsciously makes itself unfree. Otherwise, he could not move to the opposite pole. Charge between the poles increases, the impact of duality on the mind increases, common sense is suppressed, from which later a man and suffering. Study to both poles.

Work with only one pole is less efficient because you will not affect the two extreme points at which everything is kept and untreated pole keep its opposite. Therefore, working through a single pole, instigating the opposite. In these methods work is carried out alternately with poles: 1,2,1,2, etc. Such rotation of the work gives a stronger effect than the study of the poles separately, due to the fact that you do not plunge into a pole, and constantly changing points of study. This increases the space for the vision of the situation and go beyond the mind is faster. Once the material being lodged between the opposites, erased, duality disappears and ceases to be meaningful for you.