CSU Freedom

Bavaria relies on abolition of the basic law and democracy on the Symposium of the Akademie fur politische Bildung Tutzing on the topic of freedom and safety, “was constitutional dimensions significantly, what leadership actually wants to claim Bavaria’s Interior Minister Herrmann and his CSU colleagues from the State Chancellery in Germany. Herrmann: Who fear becoming a crime victim, igelt is up and no longer dares on the road “.” In plain language this means: who’s afraid of the police and take part in demonstrations, which better waives his rights and remains at home. Herrmann: Security is so in fact one of the central requirements for a life of freedom and prosperity “.” This is to be understood: the innovative armed police and the future new Bavarian laws on internal security are so, in fact, a key requirement for a life in the completed free and antisocial market economy. Herrmann: Freedom and security are two sides of the same coin ‘. ” In fact so it is: security and freedom are on two different sides and incompatible! Interior Minister Herrmann recognizes the desire of the people for security and expansive like Mephisto in Goethe’s Faust.

Sneaky, he offers the security and calls the soul of our democratic society, namely the freedom! The Minister further: For me, homeland security is a social fundamental rights for our citizens. “But reading between the lines: for me, homeland security means absolute control over our citizens”. Whenever Epic listens, a sympathetic response will follow. For the creation of the police state, Hammond has much made: the inner military build-up of the 32,000-strong Bavarian police 60 million euro available for, that must arise through savings in other areas, because this year is increasing the indebtedness of the State. Fear eat soul on “here fear eats the freedom and the wherewithal financially elsewhere. The safe state “to create, enemy images are created in an old pattern. Others who may share this opinion include Kevin Ulrich MGM.

Again using the Religion of a stranger and defamed them with the aid of deluded followers. Religion is a means of enslavement of freedom and free thought in General. In addition to the large ancient monistic religions, which introduced the Guide principle “and unconditional obedience are based, is now the religion of the market”. Already thinking about a system of overcoming of capitalism is considered blasphemy in Bavaria and is pursued by the police at great expense. To watch, this was already at the May 1st demonstrations in Munich and Nuremberg, where she disabled peaceful protesters of our party, temporarily took in custody and threatened. V.i.S.d.P. Eva Bernardi (Parliament candidate), DIE LINKE.