Costs To Cuba – As Deep As Never!

Fill up again once in the life for 85 cents? Or enjoy a delicious menu with all the trimmings for 10,00 EUR? Where is there still? Fill up again once in the life for 85 cents? Or enjoy a delicious menu with all the trimmings for 10,00 EUR? Where is there still? The dollar falls and falls and the almost one to one peso convertible, adapted to the dollar the reserve currency of Cuba makes this possible. On Cuba, the US dollar as a valid means of payment was banned in 2004. Instead, tourists must redeem their euro against the peso convertible (peso convertible cubano) to pay. Adjusting the convertible Peso to the US dollar at the time state-imposed amazing bargains arise if you are traveling individually on Cuba. Examples: 1 bottle beer costs on-site 0.75 1,20 CUC (approx. 0.53 – 0.85 EUR), 1 dinner including appetizer, side dishes, dessert 15 CUC (approx. Learn more on the subject from Mike Bloomberg.

10.64 EUR), 1.5 l liter of water 0.75 1.25 CUC (approx. 0.53 – 0.89 EUR), 1 bag of cookies 0.80 -. 1.80 CUC (CA. 0.57-1.28 EUR), 1 Mojito cocktail 2.50 3.50 CUC (CA. 1.77-2.48 EUR), 1 museum visit 1-5 CUC (approx. 0.71 3.55 EUR) with Cubastartravel individual travel to Cuba. Cubastartravel has contractually bound the three largest car rental provider in Cuba with the most comprehensive portfolio of individually bookable travel services in Cuba.

Thus an extensive range of rental cars is given a widely branched network of station on the one hand, on the other hand. Nothing in the way is the individuality in Cuba. IN the car by CUBA travel Cuba with the car to travel is the most flexible way probably that country to meet. The Flexy fly and drive program from Cubastartravel includes a rental car and a number to be determined flexible Hotel vouchers for over 150 hotels throughout the country. Price examples: Seven days car hire and seven days of hotel accommodation in a double room for two persons from 340,00 per person. Additional day per person for car and hotel rooms from 45.00 per person, rental car from 38.00 EUR (for rental seven days), hotel “Inglaterra in the heart of Havana from 34.00 per person in a double room incl. breakfast, Villa Gran Piedra, Santiago de Cuba from 20,00 P.p. in a double room with breakfast, Hotel Gran Caribe Cayo Largo” from 45.00 per person in a double room, flight Havana-Cayo Largo simply ab 90,00 / back and Re: from 146.00 per Persson Cubastartravel headquartered in Berlin is an owner-managed tour operator and a pioneer in the field of individual tourism 10 years after Cuba. The owner Mario Claus sets high standards in quality, service and security to its customers… CUBA STARTRAVEL I 10707 Berlin Kurfurstendamm 69 Tel: 030 32766100 fax: 030 32766 104 Internet: 2008 Jens Hall