Copyright Act

“If the defendant third party, especially, in their household provided a computer and Internet access members of your household and this allowed them participation in the music Exchange, then this willful behavior was adequate causal for the infringement of property rights. “In any case, since the occurrence of the file-sharing software Napster” is such no longer unusual in the fall of 1999 and is used in particular and especially of young people varied. Through legislative efforts to counter, and enhanced Act becoming of law enforcement this circumstance is advanced in recent years also sustained in the public’s mind has been. This discussion is in the media to this day regularly to the subject Reporting done. Against this background nobody can not the defendant blind also the fact that the transfer of Internet access to third parties, in particular to underage teenagers, the not unlikely possibility of bringing that such violations are committed by these.

“This risk will check and act duties of the person from which provides Internet access to prevent the possibility of such breaches of the law.” To hold in this decision is that already in the year 2009 the Cologne regional court has established the application of 97 a II Copyright Act are based on the a minor violation of the law. Furthermore, it is also noteworthy that the Cologne regional court has gone out already at the time of a regular reporting of copyright infringement on the Internet. Here you will find the full text of the decision. Her Tobias Arnold