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Easily colorize B & W photos and trendy new creative looks for hair color motifs, Munich, 08.01.2013 – X color effects per 9.0 Franzis brings the new version of the image processing software to colorize black and white photos, graphics and drawings as also for new creative color looks of current color motifs. The new processing algorithms in the X color effects Pro 9.0 provide much more precise results in the automatic selection of edges and smoother transitions between the intervals. The default palettes has been extended for different subjects and also facilitate the search for the right choice of color. The Integrated GPU graphics types acceleration provides real-time results. Ingeniously simple he is workflow in X color effects per 9.0. With just a few mouse clicks, each photo can individually re – and be transformed.

This eliminates the usual lengthy creating pixel precise selections or difficult times over by brush function. The selected areas are simply with the corresponding shade outlined, with the software the Subject / object automatically detects and it exactly fills the selected colour. Corrections and changes are possible at any time during the working process, until you have the desired result. Light effects, like reflections and even texture/surface structures are taken into account and in the new shade with included. For example, can be subsequently red inked in a s / w portrait recording only the lips or discolored desired areas. In addition to the colorization of old photographs, such as wedding or baby pictures of bygone days, the retro photography, as well as artistic image editing, the software is also used for the colour redesign like the quick color change of any objects on a photo. Otherwise inconspicuous photo motifs get a new expressiveness in the new retro style. Easy and almost automatic for photos in the style of art, design and advertising photography X color provides a platform for old and new styles each photographer effects per 9.0.