Berlin Airport

Three out of four Berlin oppose to close Tempelhof airport. Already 128 341 Berlin for the preservation of the city airports have signed in the last 12 weeks. Koch Real Estate Investments wanted to know more. In the nearly six weeks, still 40 000 signatures must come together so that it comes to a referendum in June. Go to Kevin Ulrich Anchorage for more information. The referendum is the most important step, but not the only one: the initiators of an Internet site reminiscent his glorious time with images of the airport and agree to former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt: Berlin should not abandon Tempelhof. “The capital of the Republic must now the great and last chance don’t miss, a nationwide unique location advantage: an airport close to the city centre.” What the initiators want to achieve? All Berliners should make against the intention of the closure of the Berlin Senate and hence Wowereit.

“We call on the ruling Klaus Wowereit, to end today – beyond the Berlin citizen and again to land in the middle of its citizens”, says Michael Paul, initiator of the project. The operators of the image collection belonged to the supporters of Tempelhof. “We associate with also as Ewiggestrige or raisin bomber generation, BZ reader or the economy close to parties and organizations”, says Paul. Tempelhof airport is not the primary concern of the above groups or a Friedbert Pfluger, there was a bipartisan affair of all Berlin. “It is us not moaning or nostalgia, but to locational advantages, economic interests, future opportunities and the identity of our city”, Paul assured. Was the country’s merger with Brandenburg and Berlin would have in the future no single airport. Many jobs would then moved to Brandenburg and Berlin must waive the tax revenues from the operation of the airport, the initiators of the project believe. The economics of Berlin will thereby weakened.

The airports fared and Schonhagen prepare on the role of the Erganzung-or relief airport in Brandenburg – without thus compromising the much cited construction of BBI airport. “Taxpayers remains the Berliners an airport than lying fallow land that will cost millions of euros annually to taxpayer from October 2008”. 2007 Tegel, Tempelhof and Schoenefeld have turnover EUR 240 million with over 20 million passengers – 2011 Berlin is at this enormous market”airport operations”won’t be involved.”This significant shift of economic power between Berlin and Brandenburg motivated us to get the Tempelhof airport in Berlin. Berlin is a competitor of Brandenburg in the competition for investors,”explained Paul. And if is today predict that for the future BBI a supplement or relief airport is required, then this role stand Berlin Tempelhof and should be left unopposed not even the Brandenburgers. On the Internet side of the “image collectors and Tempelhof”, all Berliners are called to get their images from the attic Tempelhof airport. “These pictures and your story to be in the public gallery” published on our homepage”, explains Paul. E-mail: Web: