Bella Italia

A journey through the land where the lemons bloom 1300 km of characteristic landscapes of the lonely high mountains of the Alps in the North over the densely populated Po Valley to zun Italy that are flirrend hot climes of socio liens, the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. With car rental Italy, you can explore a part of the 7500 km long coastline of the boot and admire attractive rocky coves and sandy beaches. In the South there are especially Cilento and Gargano, inspiring as bathroom paradises with a wild romantic backdrop. The Costa Smeralda in Sardinia are beautiful and elegant, young people appreciate the hustle and bustle in the seaside resort of Rimini on the Adriatic coast. Popular recreational and water sport destinations are above all also the Northern Italian Lakes framed by the Alps, the majestic Lake Garda. See more detailed opinions by reading what Genentech offers on the topic.. Apennines and Alps offer wonderful possibilities for the skiing, trekking, cycling, canyoning, horse riding and much more. Terrific picturesque natural areas are above all the national parks which can be reached easily with your car rental.

The bizarre mountain world of the Dolomites and the Gran Paradiso of the Valle d’Aosta. If you prefer also like it, climbs the Lunar lava fields of the two infamous volcanoes: the dangerous still faced and seething Vesuvius near Naples and dramatically hissing and fire-spitting Mount Etna on Sicily. A journey through the land where the lemons bloom”leads mainly to the origins of Western culture. Italy as we know it, goes back to the settlement as a Kingdom in 1860, since 1870, Rome is the capital. At the beginning of the new millennium, Italy shows as diverse as country as never before. From the classic Beach holiday up to families on farms, by a study trip to the shopping weekend: the list of offers seems inexhaustible and is becoming increasingly attractive. Modern and classical music festival spring up like mushrooms from the ground, museums rethink new forms of mediation and the seaside resorts to worry increasingly about environmental protection. In addition to the culture there are wines and culinary specialities, the visitors from less sun-kissed regions and this wonderful mix of culture, Sun and greed will ensure that Italy stays in the future too irresistible.