Baden City

A slightly different picture book – takes you on a journey through time in a new text – image band embarks the author on a walk through Baden-Baden and today creates the encounter between the summer capital of Europe and the city of bath. In impressive pictures, the book reveals the Mediterranean flair, the monuments and historical places of the city, story of some of the 2000-year-old summarized the associated history and takes the reader and Viewer on a wonderful journey through time. Baden Baden! The word Baden Baden alone associated images of villas, of wealth, of luxury hotels, Mediterranean lifestyle even for those who have never been. Baden Baden reflects us the image of noble past, gentlemen with Hoop and umbrellas, by Kings and emperors, tsars, artists and scholars. Fine Spa facilities, as well as the legendary Kurhaus, the pump room and the spa park complement the overall picture to date. The appearance of elegance that has lost none of its force for centuries, gives this city its flair and promoted their never stopping mystical attraction. But why? Why is that still today? Why can we imagine wonderful, what it’s like to stroll with a crinoline and a Sun umbrella on the fronts? Not so easy you will find a convincing answer.

Actually we have at all no rational explanation why the flair for centuries is preserved. A reply is always right: Baden-Baden, your mysticism is the elegance. Barbara Herrmann says: come along and walk with me through the present and admire the rich historic past.