Anne Frank House Museum

Many of us have traveled, or have thought out, travelling to the Netherlands, thanks to its cultural options and leisure. A city with a unique landscape, full of channels by those who ride a bike, one of the methods of transport most used by the Dutch, or on foot, highlighting its beauty when it falls the night thanks to the lighting. The cultural offer is also small, with museums in the category of the Van Gogh Museum, where you can enjoy the work of this artist and painters that coincide with the in the era or style. A review of the work of a figure of prestige that managed to be recognized internationally of late. No move away from the culture, getting us in the literary world, but also in one of the times that marked the history of the humanindad, we can not visit the Anne Frank House Museum. The protagonist of the famous diaries that allowed us to understand the experience of the second world war, leaves us in this museum documents and stories that invite us to understand the complexity of the conflict engtre Jews and Germans.

It must be taken into account that Amsterdam is the European cities which concentrates greater number of museums per square meter. Returning to the routes, markets, poppies market and zoos, complete the options that gives us this city. City that is worth walking if we are fond of in architecture, since we can find a variety of buildings of different styles and quirks that will keep us vigilant if we are fans of this area or simply enjoy watching and photographing architectural elements. According to statistics the Spanish have preference by the amusement park de Efteling and excursions by boat through the canals of Amsterdam. And even though we are one of the five countries that most visit Holland for reasons of business, we have preference for months in which you can enjoy the city acompnados good time, highlighting August and followed by June and March. On its Web page, we can access data as interesting as what to do, how to prepare our trip, what are the facets Holland or recommendations on its most important cities. Original author and source of the article