Alexander Genze

How one licence without MPU can acquire a legal EU how can I buy an EU legally and reasonably priced licence without MPU? Nowadays it is very difficult in Germany to acquire a driver’s license, if you the medical psychological examination must discard. There is a way to bypass the MPU completely legally. The way is the acquisition of a new EU driving licence. Credit: National Labor Relations Board-2011. The EU driving licence will be recognized in Germany and across Europe. But beware of black sheep, that illegally offer the EU driving licence. Such a driver’s license is taken off quickly again.

The EU driving licence is valid, if it was acquired after the specified license policy, and is legally recognized in Germany. An agency in Regensburg offers the legal acquisition of such EU driving licence, with a guarantee to success. Many customers from Bavaria and throughout Germany have acquired using this agency a valid EU driving licence and driving back on Germany’s roads. Many drivers in Germany have lost the license, It is due to drunkenness, drugs or just a little something. The problem is, if you lost your license once, you won’t get it. But right now is the invitation to the MPU (medical psychological assessment) receive, then becomes a major problem on a. Because it is estimated that 80% – 90% of applicants in a such “idiot test” falls through. Because ultimately the psychologist determines whether they are suitable to possess a driving licence or not.

The correspondingly cheaper option is to acquire a driver’s license without MPU abroad a EU. The owner of the Agency in Regensburg, Alexander Genze, offers license acquisition to the EU since 2005. Everyone who a EU acquires licence through this agency, has a valid driving licence in the Pocket, which is recognised in Europe. To obtain an EU licence by using this agency, to do not much. It calls at the Agency, leaves his contact details and will also receive a registration form. The registration to the EU driving licence is carried out after receiving of the application form. On the website you can find out much more closely. There you can everything around the EU learn driver’s license, what you should watch for and how to avoid problems when purchasing an EU driving licence. Europa-fuehrerschein.NET