African Continent

This work says a little of the physical characteristics and social contrasts existing in Africa. The African reality, where the majority suffers with the hunger, the AIDS and the lack of governmental politics to distribute the wealth of a so rich continent, rich in mineral resources. While the majority lives in the misery the minority enjoys of the existing wealth in that region. 1 INTRODUCTION Since the time of the settling of the African continent, when the colonizadores if had appropriated of the continent with the exploration of the natural resources. Michael O’Brien follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Where the natives were moved away from the administrative functions, the disrespect with the African population and the separation of tribal groups brought serious consequences for the population of the continent. The reality of the continent is of civil poverty, wars, AIDS and more than what all social, technological and economic exclusion of the world.

The capitalism also contributes for the misery of Africa. The African continent has its localization enters the tropics of Cancer and Capricrnio is a tropical continent, its landscapes is formed by the Valley of the Rift where they concentrate some great and deep volcanos, lakes, equatorial forests, savannahs, and concentrates the desert greater of the world the Saara. The Saara divides the African continent, two portions with distinct characteristics, Africa of the north of subsaariana Africa, even so the desert occupies part of the two areas. 2 CONTRASTS OF the AFRICAN CONTINENT the situation of the African continent is marked by civil wars, AIDS and, more than what everything, social, technological exclusion in the globalizado world. The countries with the 19 worse IDHs in the report of the Human Development of 2004, the ONU, are African and prove this exclusion. Although the South Africa to be classified as industrialized underdeveloped country, with the best socioeconmicos pointers of subsaariana Africa, regrediu in the classification of the ONU in 2004.