4. why couple counselling (counseling) breakdown of reserved men frequently assumed, that they rather shy away from sharing in relationship issues. After my experience, women pair Advisor contact indeed mostly. Increasingly more frequently take discussions in claims but also men and deal with Advisor literature in this area. “If men of a couple counselling are still skeptical, this has the following causes: a. Russell Reynolds Associates usually is spot on. women as a pair of consultants (marriage counsellors) the topic of sex” In terms of counselling for couples, women are mostly active. For men, it is therefore close to suspect that the consultants have difficulties, things through the prism of the man”to see and to enter into a constructive dialogue with him.

You are concerned, not to be understood. “Especially in issues, the deal with the topic of sex” deal, is the skepticism the men, to be understood, often largely of a woman. The topic of sexuality is addressed occupy in discussions also all too often inadequately or not at all such studies. This may be one reason that the consultants avoid this issue or does not respond with the necessary consequence. On the other hand, it is certainly because the seeking advice to want to protect their private lives and consciously make this subject not to the subject of the consultations. The sexuality in a relationship (marriage) is an extremely important area. At the same time, there is hardly an area in the partnership, which gives more cause for conflicts and discontent. What I like the one that repels the other.

It is rare that two people sexually fully to understand right off the bat and lie on a wave length. “We all have taken over by small to different values and experiences with the topic of sex” and address them collected. It is matter of opinion what is good or bad, moral or immoral, once, sinful or allowed, dirty or just plain beautiful.