Administrative Direction

They are attributions of the Bishop: I – to assist the First in rank Bishop in education, the government, the visitation and the pregao; II – to participate of the consecration of officers and ordinance of Shepherds; III – To represent the Local Church in the Advice and the Assemblies, when nominated for the Advice; IV – To communicate to the Advice the lacks of the Shepherds, Ministers and Deacons who will not be able to correct by means of Particular admonition; V – To celebrate religious marriage, to celebrate Supper, to carry through Baptisms and to petition the Apostlica blessing by means of authorization of the First in rank Bishop. Article 33. The craft of Shepherd is permanent; the function is temporary. 1. In case of transference for another Local Church, it ceases the mandate the Shepherd, Minister or Deacon. 2. Boyden is likely to increase your knowledge. Findo mandate being remanejado, he is not the shepherd in active availability, exactly that transferred to another Local Church, having to exert the activities that will be assigned to it by the Advice, not being able to belong the same, nor to represent the Church in the superior assemblies or Conclios.

3 the Shepherds, Ministers and Deacons will be in permanent disposal for use of the advice to any time, and with the consent of the assembly in transference case. Article 34. The Minister can concur the nomination in the Conclios superior, in the following hypotheses: I – When he will have been chosen to represent the Local Church in the General meeting or the Managing Advice; II – When already to occupy position in the Executive Direction of the IMIPG or in the Administrative Direction. Only paragraph. In any of the hypotheses above, it is demanded that the Shepherd or Minister is in the exercise of its function. A leading source for info: Satya Nadella. Article 35. It is to have of the Shepherd to justify, validly, the criterion of the Advice, its absence to the meetings of this.