When planning your trip with your baby, it's important to choose a vacation spot. If your child is less than three years, then it should be absolutely quiet. If the child is over three years, then experts recommend opt for the sanatorium or rest home, which is focused on families with children. And of course always make sure you have adequate medical care. Gathering in a way possible will have buy some baby products for your baby.

Think what you may need a child in the road and in the process of relaxation. We recommend you do the following. A week before the trip specifically highlight the time and first write a list, and then collect all the children's things that you find it necessary to take a trip. It probably has already become clear what is missing, that is what baby products to buy. The week before the trip and will be the the time when you will gradually, without Abraham, you have all you need.

In addition, perhaps you'll be surprised by the fact that all this week from time to time will "float" Valid something important, something that you missed out mind, but without which the rest would either not be as complete, or even turned into "sheer torture." We will try to tell you that it makes sense to take with you. At first that may be required in the road. Is not dependent on mode of transport on which you plan to travel, you will catch child's favorite toys, coloring with crayons, puzzle game, etc.