Mariano Cabrero

I give two turns to the bolt of the door there are so many thieves nowadays!, and I’m looking for silence my silence in my solitude. The day has been really painful: talk with friends who are not so, say hello to people I hardly know, recommend that certain young truancy by nature presented to […]

General Income

Arduousness provides for the establishment of a catalogue of professions with application of coefficients reducers for the conditions of greater arduousness, toxicity and underwrite between their older workers than the average of the profession and of the system. Workers employed in the REASS integration of regimes will be integrated in the General regime, through a […]

German Kennel

On the other hand the high moisture content can also cause compatibility problems and soft feces with high volume of feces. Vet said: One disadvantage is also in the very high protein content of wet food. An excess supply of protein can cause flatulence, but also digestive problems and organ reactions.” Large amounts incurred from […]

La Coruna

It is not good that the man/woman is only, that you’re only. Your you know and we all know that the God of all religions to women and men have given us the pleasures and pains of love. However, love is a wonderful thing that we have to cultivate throughout our earthly life. It seems […]


This principle is appropriate to apply here, better review that he says writing elsewhere for by herself give solution to this fictitious edge. 2. Purpose of the Act. First of the Act, it is important to note the same purpose, because salvation has always been and will be by faith, never by law. We see […]