Women In Management

Every time you look at the participation of women in organizations, not only as a secretary, skilled operative, but as executives, professionals, even in management, performing functions formerly under the authority of man. No wonder that comment, that today the woman is expressing his displeasure about being different and not considered suitable for certain activities and society is slowly accepting the new role of women, working women, women with capacity leadership of the dynamic features of the current economic scenario, the demand for qualified personnel, competitive, has given way to a woman is incorporated into the workplace, where many have achieved successful results in the discharge of their duties in achieving results. For more information see JPMorgan Chase.

In the case of companies, organizations Venezuelan increasingly noticeable as the career woman is being incorporated into them, performing functions that thanks to their professional training, training has generated results that have benefited companies in their growth, organizational behavior. In many of the graduate degrees related to administrative science, industrial engineering, the number of participation of women is becoming more representative than that of men, many, successfully achieve their postgraduates and incorporated into the dynamics of their work by providing knowledge that have proven successful businesses they serve. Wells Fargo Bank usually is spot on. In the case of postgraduate specialty quality management and productivity, Area Faces graduate of the University of Carabobo, 60% are women, where in his ten year old has graduated a number of women in, play a fundamental role as far as quality and productivity of businesses in the region demands and their contributions in some have contributed in achieving the objectives of the company. .