Winter Horticulture

Winter gardens are the most beautiful additions to a home. Winter gardens – pros and cons of winter gardens are the most beautiful additions to a House. The classic conservatories are built largely of glass and different Windows, so they represent a very beautiful and bright room. A winter garden caused by the way, no special heating costs, as wrongly assumed. He is outside the actual building, but through clever use of solar energy and the greenhouse effect, a winter garden keeps the heat inside the room and allows a warm temperature around the clock.

Prerequisite is the correct alignment of the Garden towards the South to soak up as much sun as possible. It is only problematic sunshine days. Here the winter garden must be separated from the rest of the House, to lose not too much heat to the outside world due to heating. Nevertheless, a winter garden has more pros than cons. Plants can survive here all year round, the room is bright and can be installed in the building plan as additional space can be integrated. So that he is not too hot in the summer, you should make a few precautions as sunscreen by special blinds or possibly one or two trees.

They provide shade in the summer and in the winter they let through enough light to keep conservatories warm. Another important tool is the ventilation of the winter garden. You prevent the continual condensation of liquid on the Windows unless in summer due to the high air humidity or in the winter by the difference of space and temperature. Generally, you should consider four things in the construction of conservatories. As first needs to a suitable place, preferably South facing. Has found this, a frame creates corresponding to the planned size. Because winter gardens are especially hot in the summer, must be considered a possible shading and ventilation. The last is the choice of the right glass of decisive importance. Considering these four points, the ideal winter garden there is no more in the Way. More information, see winter garden Greifswald