Where Does The Dentures?

Board of Trustees perfect dentures (KpZ) advises patients to ask about bridge, Crown, Denture manufacture: hardly a patient asks his dentist at the beginning of the treatment, where his tooth replacement is to be made. Abroad or at the masters lab from the region? Cheap import or proven quality and safety? “The KpZ advises: talk you your dentist he will inform you about the possibilities and alternatives.” If a supply is made, patients should consult extensively at their dentist about appropriate tooth replacement options as well as the planned place of manufacture. For the patient it is irrelevant, namely, whether the dentures from a master-run dental laboratory nearby should be made or imported from abroad: because of the high safety and quality requirements for dentures in Germany many advantages for the patient from the cooperation with a local laboratory. He should not dispense with it. Safety for the patient the Declaration of conformity each dental laboratory is obligated to issue a declaration of conformity in Germany. It guaranteed that it observed the medical products law (MPG) and used only materials that carry the CE mark.

The Declaration also lists the denture materials and alloys, as well as their composition. Under most conditions Philippe Lavertu would agree. Especially in patients with allergies and intolerances the individual components of the restoration are important for long-term treatment success”, says Professor Lauer, head of the Scientific Advisory Board of the KpZ and Director of the clinic of Prosthodontics of the University of Frankfurt am Main. Finally keep the denture over the years and even decades in the mouth – the information about the materials used should therefore be lifted. And also for subsequent restorations, it is helpful to know which materials are located in the mouth and well tolerated. Many champion laboratories in Germany give the patient a comprehensive manufacturer certificate. Thus the laboratory confirmed that the tooth replacement in quality-assured processes in compliance with the quality criteria for dental services of the Association VDZI was established. In the Internet patients on the page refer to, which the dental labs issue a manufacturer certificate. The patient portal provides general information around the topic of dental. Board of Trustees perfect dentures – Press Office Marburg