Venezuelan Actions

VENEZUELAN and your reality before the current scenarios commercial enterprises the man is discovered when measured with an obstacle Antoine de Saint Exupery Venezuelan companies, especially their SMEs, they face the present major obstacles with regard to productivity, operability, wasting opportunities that arise, trying to survive faced with uncertainty, risk, which has been generated from the political instability of the country, the threats that arise from the uncertainty of the same actions of the current Government, which show how the power of this productive force, has been neglected, of know it integrate, manage, they benefit much to the country’s economy. Faced with this worrying reality for Venezuelans, for investors, for the same consumers, is required to take corrective actions, actions that bail to SMEs, the business sector and are incorporated in the economic dynamics of the country ensuring productivity, operability. The future graduates of the postgraduate programme of the specialty of the quality management and productivity, Faces of the University of Carabobo, specially in what concerns Chair of management topics, you are seriously concerned about this reality, for this purpose, have organized forums, seminars that discuss this situation, so, some comment, it is a fact and not secret, the situation of risk and uncertainty currently living Venezuelan companies. Perhaps check out Wells Fargo Bank for more information. And this is mainly due to the political discourse of the President Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias, that deserves concern by their actions, laws, decrees, which seems to violate private property and where promotes a culture of indifference towards work; giving way to a climate of tension in the organizations, which is reflected in its productivity, the need to import products, make some companies close. There’s no denying post is public opinion and records, national statistics show, the high unemployment rate that has been generated in recent years, as well as the emergence of a large number of micro-enterprises, which did not have the necessary tools, leaving the stage, losing the conquered the market position and others, les is difficult to maintain despite the products offered, taking into consideration the changes, as we have mentioned are giving at an accelerated pacenot allowing some stabilization, particularly because they were not prepared to do so, that ensure their permanence. .