Treatment With A Mirror

With the help of a mirror can treat many illnesses – this disease of lymph and blood, and osteoporosis, asthma, and tahiardiyu. At first glance, the technique in question is very simple. But despite its simplicity, it is very effective. (Not to be confused with Hyundai!). A detailed description can be found in old books. To begin the process of healing the body, should be charged a mirror in the sun, then go up to him and say these words: 'Mirror, mirror, take all my sickness and sorrow, and give me a ray of sun. " One must look closely into the mirror. Then the mirror should be curtain fabric in the box. Before the next session the mirror surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth and charge again in the sun.

In addition, using a mirror can be cleaned of karma, and thus rid itself of many ailments. To do this, take my photo 3×4 cm (preferably photo was taken recently) and make a mirror. The minimum dimensions of the mirror 20h14 cm, but more than a mirror, the better. Starting treatment, lean your photo face to the mirror and keep this position for five days. During these five days people do not have to look in the mirror. linic Center for Functional Medicine. Advisable to clean the negative karma is not more than 5 times a year. While the photo will be standing at the mirror, the person will experience mild discomfort, and when the karma is cleared and cleaned pictures, then will surge of vitality.

Purification of bad karma is this: when the invisible rays pierce the picture (in the mirror increased energy), negative information is carried away in mezhprostranstvo. The movement is a spiral. On Compared with the whole of the mirror – a very small quantity, the beam in the mirror – straight, although it is part of the helix. Mirror – a tangent to a spiral twisted counterclockwise. The diameter of this invisible cleaning vortex – Vortex 5 cm can be enhanced by strengthening the mirror at an angle of 45 degrees on a spruce plate, as noted, that the presence of items made of spruce, enhances cleaning streams. Putting pictures in the mirror, you say: 'God's mirror, cleanse me. " The minimum interval between cleanings – 3 weeks (21 days). Keep pictures leaning against the mirror, need a minimum of 5 days, then, if necessary – 15 days, the next time – 25 days, then – 30 days, but no more. In These days also can not look in any mirror. As a result of the disease are gastro – intestinal tract, lymph cleansing, blood, increasing white blood cells, is thrombosis. Since many diseases are derived from our vices 'slagging' the soul, and a mirror, and a confession in front of him are a powerful tool for healing many diseases associated with central nervous system. Man alone can deal with their illnesses, contrasting them willpower, we just have to listen to your body. And he will tell you what their needs.