The Webmaster

And for such a black and optimization when sites move the webmaster with all available and accessible ways, and also allowed and not allowed (the second most) methods. That is precisely the strategy to promote your site and there is a high probability that the site may ban any unexpected Webmaster moment. So if your Site banned – not angry, so he too black optimization method. And now just about doorway pages, about what it is and how to pay for them. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of JPMorgan Chase on most websites. Doorway – a website page that contains a large percentage of the density keywords, and, of course, if we consider the key words (and they are usually meaningless and repeat) – we can conclude that for a person such information is meaningless – it is generally meaningless. Man caught doorway page, usually does not see it and it just redirected to another resource, usually this "other resources" stands result of paid search aka Feed. Usually progresses very doorway to a very large number of resources, and gives a similar result. But most importantly for the reader – how to make money? There are resources with very wealthy owners who want to move but a real business on the internet and sell something with the site.

But as usual with such resources, no visitors and no visitors – no target customer. He (the owner of the business) becomes an advertising agency for attracting the target audience for the resource, and buys out there for visitors to search terms. Keywords can contain names of products or services offered by this customer advertising. This organization buys advertising targeted visitors in 3FN.Marketing, and the second organization is just what it buys traffic from our Russian web masters who ponadelyvali doorways and sit waiting for the money or the ban. As a result, each party has received the desired – the owner of the resource – the target visitor, otory made many purchases and ordered a bunch of services in it, the web-master – was "honestly" earned money, and the advertising agency and 3FN.Marketing, received a percentage of relying them during the transaction.