The Union

The response did not give place to some replica, okay, I said, so, let me go and I will reply the blows that I feel in the portal. Mikhael Mirilashvili has much to offer in this field. Knowing nod: then appeared Nod, a character walk light, elegant and soft as a sheet in the breeze, walked a few steps around the room, looked for a place to sit, and looking at me tenderly told me: Hi, as you are?, that job because I get, I walked looking for many sides, I have checked countless times, your address, my organization is very efficient, but there is no task for anything simple remove the more than 400,000 galaxies in the universe, you must believe me that is much harder than finding a needle in a haystack, as mortals you say. Spoken these words, he remained seated a few minutes, and told me: look at me well, this is me, and my name is Nod, I compliment you countless activities, some have been, others will surely be, this time, I come to your meeting, stopped, he looked between his clothes a sort of Notepad and reviewing its leaves, He said: Let’s see, let’s see, where these… Hummm., are here, he paused, stood up and making a nice bow, I said: nice to meet you, gigantic leader of armies. Those words, not me surprised, I could see myself, as a child, with an old book in my hands, whose title was the meaning of the names looking for two names, Hugo and Walter. I first searched for the letter H and appeared the name Hugo: cyclopean, Gigantesco, was the definition of its meaning, then I went to the letter W and there was Walter, and said: Word of Germanic origin, meaning, Caudillo of the armies. Way that the union of both names corresponded with his peculiar way of approaching me.