The Unemployed

Chapter I the selective process. ' ' _ Mr. Jose Da Silva, we thank immensely its participation in the selective process of our company, but, however, Mr. does not have the profile that we look for, even so has a very good resume and is certain of that he will find, soon, the rank that as much longs for. Its resume will be registered in cadastre with us for future chances that if incase in its profile. Debtor! ' ' The Analyst of RH of company K said. More information is housed here: Pinterest. This age the life of Jose, our protagonist, to participate of innumerable selective processes in search of that it guaranteed the sustenance to it as well as the family. This was not 27 ' ' NO' ' perhaps in an end of selective process that listens in the life, this number was well superior the 49, arrived the 53 The truth is that we do not know how many times Jose are defeated in a selective process only know that they had been many times! If it allows me, my expensive and patient reader (a) (it has patience in reading these pages, laughs) I will make some ranks mine, concerning selective processes, because I am certain that it was read until here is because the heading, in such a way suggestive one, seduced it or the synopsis behind the book that until not yet I wrote here. A selective process is a situation similar to the one of a fight between a lion and a tiger back in the distant African savannah for an antelope, a buffalo or any another canine tooth It has, in this well similar fight between lion and tiger, things to a selective process that are they: Search for the sustenance, proper and of the offspring, a bloody competition where if it hates and it twists for a slip of the adversary and what it scares more me and that has in both the situations: a terrible fear of failure, a fear that freezes the spine, one distresses front to the uncertain one that it is never certain the object of this fear and anguish is not to obtain another chance as this, a fear of this chance (a canine tooth or a selective process) to be the last one of the world.