The Plant

During the day, large quantities of water evaporate in the summer, it is advisable to do the casting in the early hours of the morning or late at night. What to do in the holidays? “If no substitute” for casting is, can be quickly and easily its own irrigation system for container plants and build window boxes. All you will need is a PET bottle with 1.5 litres capacity volume: while the neck is inserted the filled bottle upside down in the Earth, so that the water is gradually emitted into the ground. Debra Black helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This mechanism occurs only if the soil with adequate moisture is soaked, i.e. after the first bottle used on. Depending on the temperature and size of the plant, this irrigation method for around ten days is enough. Using multiple bottles, the journey may take longer.

Irrigation variants it is back home, the bottle system for special periods of hot weather, where the plants are thirsty as when milder temperatures is advisable. So bucket and pot plants can also during the day, when garden owner already called upon to stop pouring water over the roots take up are. Large gardens allow bottles or a simple watering can hardly cope with itself, so here a garden hose is. It is however care must be taken that the bundled beam hurt flowers or vegetables. As a swivel lawn sprinkler, which is simply connected to the hose is recommended: lawn and flower beds are irrigated so evenly and comprehensively and as a summer rain shower is also the children happy.

Especially for more sensitive plants a hose system is, which continuously seeping water, that keeps the soil constantly moist. If you want to travel longer or not even wants to take over the casting, opts for computerized irrigation systems. These are not cheap, but automatically ensures a good soaked garden. Tanja EST