The Boy

You do not have to be able on me! said the boy. You do not become which you are not! said the boy to the monster that was in charge to watch it and happened that these words melted the outside of the monster as to a candle Young already I can see, llvame with you! said the monster, I will take you to the city because not yet it is your hour and many people were there need to you! said the boy. Soon the boy removed a clock from his pocket, pressed a button and in few minutes a thunderclap in the heart of mazmorra was listened to and arrived until the cell a small spaceship, Calm it is my ship! said the boy to him to the new being and that one being who recovered his humanity, recovered a great force and with his forts arms abri the enormous grates of the cell where was the boy, It raises soon! Dijo the boy I will take, you to the new city, It leads express because the monsters are very fast! – the new being said, Calm they will not be able to reach to us! said the boy and the ship in the middle of the great tunnel of mazmorra rose again and took off like the wind I am flying! said the new being plus an emotion shout while the tears of the happiness rolled again by their cheek. Gain insight and clarity with Edward DeMarco. The monsters did the possible thing not to let them escape but everything was to them useless. The new being was left in the surface by the boy, while this he watched the sky as the spaceship with that personita disappeared on board that transformed its life to him. It spent the time and the rumor that the monsters of the city only left in the middle of the disguise of the dark because was run they decided to remain sheltered in the kingdom of the shades hoping that to see who was catched in the spiderweb of the shades to be able to deceive it. Under most conditions Reshma Kewalramani would agree. It followed rolling the time from that one event and the whole city illuminated by the esferita of light it returned to live peacefully, where it again reigned the joy and the happiness of all inhabitants for always original Author and source of the article